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PresentationImpact.Always.Everywhere.The Positive Power of Body Language

Our body language (posture, gestures, facial expressions) and voice account for more than 80% of the impressions we make. Our body language invariably shows our true thoughts and inner feelings which decides whether or not we appear confident or uncertain. Our bodies reveal a lot, and sometimes more than we would prefer. No matter what we say, our bodies give us away and always tell the truth. Although a lot of this is subconscious, you can improve and hone your body language to your advantage. We always make an impression- the question is, what kind?

The presentation, “Impact. Allways. Everywhere. The Positive Power of Body Language” provides you with valuable tips, tricks and clues for using your body language deliberately in everyday life. In this way, you will always know how to come off as the best version of you. After attending this presentation, you will also learn how to decipher other people’s body language. Use this knowledge to your advantage by being aware of what your conversational partner- whether in business or private life – really has up their sleeve.


  • HOW is a success factor, not WHAT: how you can appear confident and assured in presentations, negotiations, and meetings.
  • Gestures and facial expressions: convincing body language is learnable
  • Lies, deceit and concealment: the body never hides the the truth! Can you see through people?
  • Body Language and thoughts are one: use it!
  • Good Leaders Make an Impact: the A to Z on effective body language

PresentationManagement means making an impactThe alpha and omega of effective body language

The ability to make a good impression will always supersede one’s factual competence. Today, valuable content can be just all smoke and mirrors if you don’t present it convincingly. Your colleagues, shareholders, or the media shouldn’t only perceive you as just a fact finder, but rather also as a real human one can relate to. They should see you as a real human with real emotions who can laugh, be shocked or annoyed, as someone who can show their feelings. The words that come out of your mouth must come from your heart, otherwise you will not be convincing in your role as an executive. Throw out your plain, dry scripts and notes. Say goodbye to stiffness and say hello to a newfound enthusiasm. Inspire your team by making an impact during one-on-ones, meetings, or events. Utilizing the right signals will enable you as an executive to send impact full and memorable messages.

The presentation “Good Leaders Make an Impact: the A to Z on Effective Body Language,” will open your eyes to a myriad of ways in which you can adjust and utilize your own body language more effectively to influence others as an executive. This will make your team even stronger and increase their motivation to work together. Authentic body language will empower your staff to make more successful and confident impressions on your customers and business partners.


  • Don’t bore everyone with boring, empty phrases
  • The power of media
  • Increase your ability to make an impact, otherwise come to terms with being overlooked
  • Status behavior- hit the right note
  • Right to the heart: inspire enthusiasm in colleagues, customers and partners

PresentationDifferent countries, different Gestures: What to avoid and what to pay attention to

International relations is becoming increasingly more important every year. But beware: every country has its own body language which is tightly linked to their specific culture and individual social norms. The closer facial expressions and gestures are tied to cultural norms, the higher the risk of putting your foot in your mouth without even opening it.

In “Confident Presentations All Over the World,” you will discover the anomalies of international body language. You’ve got to watch your non-verbal communication in order to avoid putting your foot in your non-verbal mouth in front of your international counterpart. In other words, anyone who communications across borders should also learn the non-verbal vocabulary of the other country. You must always be ready with the right words AND gestures when communicating with your international counterparts.


  • International body language: what to do and what to avoid
  • Negotiations, presentations and talks abroad: refine your communication tools for optimal impact and persuade with power
  • Recognize and interpret signals, gestures and facial expressions by pay close attention

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